How to Make Telecommuting Work for You: Tips for First-Time Remote Workers

Working from home is prized by employees who cherish the lack of commute and distraction-free environment that a home office provides. But for employees thrust into telecommuting in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating remote work is far from effortless. From troubleshooting technology to parenting while on the clock, new remote employees face a lot of challenges. To help overcome them, we’ve put together this guide full of resources to help you adjust to working from home.

What to Know About Working from Home During COVID-19

Mastering the Art of Working Remotely

Dealing with Distractions in a Home Office

  • Learn how to shut out distracting noises during the workday.
  • Set boundaries that separate your office hours from your family time.
  • Hear how other remote workers help their pets adjust to the new normal.
  • Discover the importance of clocking out at the end of the day.

Like all big changes, working from home comes with a learning curve. Teleworkers have to figure out a new flow to their days as well as learn how to stay on task at home. But when you follow these tips, you’ll hit your stride and become a productive remote employee in no time.

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