What’s so good about Projects in Plutio?

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Simplicity. That’s it in a nutshell. We’ve designed every element of Plutio to be completely intuitive to use. The purpose is to boost your productivity, not to tie you up in a productivity maze.

Your projects, presented how you want them

All your projects in one place, sorted by company, client, date, however you want them… You’re in control. Your clients use a different system? No problem-you’ll soon be able to sync those projects with Plutio.


It’s all there, at your fingertips

Every project’s different. A different client, variable team members, all sorts of tasks… But no chaos and no mistakes, because everything is connected and nothing gets lost. Organised in the way that suits you and your team best.


Share, collaborate and create

It’s easy for everyone to work together on Plutio - your team, your clients, your contractors can all collaborate to keep the project on track. Talk about the work you’re doing, co-edit documents and share ideas without leaving Plutio.


Schedule your project, track your progress.

We’ve reimagined the Gantt chart to make it simple and intuitive-much easier to use. Allocate tasks, set deadlines, notify the team and manage individual projects without breaking a sweat. Everyone will know what they need to be doing and when it needs to be done by.


Once Plutio is launched, we’ll be adding more great features all the time. Like the idea of profiles auto-fill? Add a new contact, put in their email address and Plutio will try to supply the rest: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, address, telephone number... everything you need to keep in touch.

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