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We’re very proud to be releasing a whole new piece of functionality to our Beta testers with the launch of Plutio Tasks.


When we were creating the development plan for Plutio, we all highlighted that this new release was going to be an important one. In all the planning meetings and discussions with research groups and test users, the Tasks section kept coming up time and again as being something that really frustrated people with other platforms, but that was also so important to them on a daily basis.

Tasks is one of those elements that really brings all the other pieces of the puzzle together and that’s why we’re so excited. With Tasks you can connect people and projects and activity in a way that no other platform can, but that the real world absolutely demands every single day.

What's so good about Plutio Tasks?

We’ve sought advice and insight from a large group of people like you so that we could truly understand how to build Plutio in a way that makes Tasks a true feature of value. You’ll see that everything is focused on helping you stay up to date, stay productive and not waste your time with pointless admin.

Your tasks are only a click away, always.

It’s frustrating isn’t it when you have to switch between apps or windows. Well we’ve thought of how to get rid of that frustration for you. Whether you are chatting to your teammate on Plutio or in the process of uploading a file to a Project….your tasks are always visible from the sidebar. So you can multitask like a pro.


Stay organized, effortlessly.

Every task you create is automatically sorted into categories. There is one for what is due today, tomorrow, the coming week and next month.


There is also the Overdue category, which will appear in red at the very top of your task list to remind you of any overdue tasks.

Your overdue tasks are also prioritized automatically for you. Tasks that are a few minutes overdue are highlighted in orange and whats way overdue stands out in red.


Delegate and collaborate with your teammates and clients.

The key to success so often is effective teamwork. Plutio will help you and your team manage, delegate and collaborate on the right tasks meaning you can be rest assured that the right people are working on the right activities at the right time.


Want to find out more about Plutio Tasks? Click here.

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