✨ Major update!

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The long waited for update is FINALLY here! Which includes Proposals, Contracts, White-label and so much more! 🎉🙌🏻

✨ Here’s a list of all the shiny new goodies…

✅ We’ve rebuilt Plutio from the ground up to be based on our new API. For a faster, more reliable and more secure experience. This will also allow us to start integrating with third party apps like Google Calendar.

✅ Create proposals and contracts in minutes using our intuitive drag and drop editor.

Online e-signatures.
Auto create invoices and projects when your proposals are signed.
Create proposal and contract templates.

Pretty cool huh? 🤯

Plutio proposals and contracts

✅ Phase 1 of White-label. Woooo YES! You can now change the interface colours to match your brand, and upload the Plutio logo with your own on the signin page and emails 😱

Phase 2 will come next month with the ability to set your own custom domain and emails.

✅ We’ve given our invoices a full overhaul for a more professional and modern look. You can also now customize the tax line to your own.

✅ You know how you can create custom fields for tasks? Well, now you can also do it for projects, people and even invoices! Go creative!😬

✅ You can now group almost everything from tasks to projects. Taking visualisation to the next level.


✅ You can now log time manually into your timesheets, and update the status of a logged entries between paid / unpaid.

✅ Improved filters, search and new sorting options.

✅ Improved control over project contributors and a new visual indicators on the projects dashboard.

✅ Plus tons and tons of bug fixes and general improvements.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Enjoy!!! 😍👏🏻🎉

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