Introducing White-label 🎉

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With white-label you can replace the Plutio branding with your own, making Plutio truly yours! - Easily change the interface colours, set your own custom domain, email address and so much more.


✅ Custom domain name

Every Plutio business has a unique subdomain such as With white-label you to connect your own domain name and use it to access Plutio.

So instead of you could set it to be or - go creative!

You can follow the steps here to setup your custom domain name.

✅ Custom email address

Notification and invitation emails are sent from the default Plutio email addresses which are or You can connect your own email address to start sending out emails using your email instead of Plutio's.

Follow the steps here for instructions on how to setup a custom email address.

✅ Your logo, everywhere!

Login pages and email notifications have the Plutio logo by default. But with white-label you can replace Plutio branding with your own. The browser favicon will also change to match your brand's logo.

✅ Interface colours

The Plutio interface, login pages and emails have our signature purple colour, which with white-label you can replace with your own.

✅ Embeddable task boards

Easily and safely embed task boards anywhere you like!

🚨 White-label is an add-on available for a small fee and can be activated from your billing page.

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