First update to kick start 2018!

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1Brand new templates editor!

Do you know what could save you a ton of time? not having to repetitively setup your workflow each time you start a new project.

That's why starting today you can create templates for your projects, task boards, task groups and even for individual tasks! - It's time you said goodbye to repetitive work and hello to productivity.

Learn how to create templates.

advanced project and tasks templates editor

2Apply templates on the fly.

Use the new /template shortcut to quickly create tasks from a template. Learn more.

apply templates to tasks using command line and quick commands

3New calendar and agenda views.

Your calendar can now show tasks, events, projects and invoices all in one place!

  • Drag and drop to re-arrange everything on your calendar.
  • Create events and tasks by clicking on dates.
  • Each project now has its own calendar view.
  • New agenda view.

Plutio calendar, tasks, projects and invoices on calendar view

4Enhanced permissions system.

We've simplified the permission settings so it's much easier for you to manage. Please read this article as it explains the new user roles and permissions in detail.

custom user roles and permissions

5Enhanced custom fields.

We've improved the look and feel of the task custom fields, so they easier to

advanced custom fields for tasks

6Send a custom message when inviting someone.

You can now change the default message when sending an invite.

... and so much more!

Have you missed our update last month? Don't worry, here's a recap of what we've released:

  • Break your tasks into smaller pieces using sub tasks.
  • Move and copy task boards, task groups and individual tasks!
  • Mention people using the @ tag.
  • Share projects using a public link.

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