✨ February Update, 2018

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✅ Beautiful new Timeline view for your projects, tasks and even invoices! annnnd yes, you can drag and drop 😉

✅ Time Tracking & Timesheets! - backed with tons of features from being able to quickly create a task and start tracking or the smart reminders of unpaid billable tasks when creating invoices.

✅ Add colour tags to your contacts, projects, task boards, task groups and even tasks!

✅ Improved invoices with a new layout, new quantity option and the ability to invoice for tasks as well as items.

✅ Templates library is now open for business! You can access the very first collection of templates from Settings > Templates.

✅ You can now set start dates to your tasks, and add a second reminder for your start date.

✅ Colourful new calendar.

✅ Tons of bug fixes and improvements, including an update to drag and drop.

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