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Ever since we started to share the story behind Plutio, we kept on hearing over and over that many felt the same frustrations and pains as us.

We’ve been running a small digital design studio for the past 8 years.

As we grew, it became harder and harder to manage. Chasing for overdue payments, keeping everyone in the loop, making sure projects are completed on time… those operational tasks were getting in the way of actually doing the things we loved the most and were best at.

We knew spreadsheets and sticky notes weren’t the right tools anymore.

So we started using a combination of apps to help us take back control over our business. I’m sure you’ve tried the same thing — one app for this, another for that...

Using these apps helped. But, constantly jumping between them, duplicating data from one to another, creating formulas and using even more apps to “connect” them, keeping up with their subscriptions, rules and updates…

This is only a taste of what we had to do to maintain our new workflow, which proven to be equally as time-consuming and inefficient as the old ways.

What’s missing is an effective way to bring all these apps and systems together.

Truly integrate them together, integration that’s beyond just pushing and receiving notifications or triggers. 

That’s when we decided to build Plutio— everything you need to manage your business in one place.

From project management and tasks to collaboration and invoicing, we wanted it all combined in one place that was easy to manage and gave us back time to dedicate to the things that our clients really valued.

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